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kilometros's Journal

eskimo kisses
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Kilometros is a community for many things. If eskimo kisses, music, movies, journals, recipes, and secrets make you happy then you're in the right place. This is also a community to post things related to distance, anything at all. It has no specific theme, but to be creative. We like many things such as found photos, kisses, journals, diaries, books, photography and much more.

[1] Respect everyone.
[2] If you're going to post something that might mess up a friend pages, something that might not be school/work safe, or something extremely long post it behind an LJ-cut. A in bold put a warning message, describing whats behind the cut (not worksafe/school safe, etc. etc.)
[3] You must be at least thirteen. Not almost thirteen, or anything like that.
[4] Please be active.
[5] If by some miracle, the theme things are up to date every once in a while participate.
[6] When you join post a short introduction post. Your name, age, and a list of the things that make you happy. If you want to include something like pictures in it please put it behind an LJ-cut. And put "intro. post" in the tags.
[7] Have fun! :]

Pretty much anything. Just as long as it's behind an LJ-cut if it's something that can be offending and such.

THEME: Every once in a while when I'm not lazy I'll make a theme. A theme may last up to two or three months, but it's most likely a theme that can actually be used that long.

The Mad Skills Photography Contest.
Rules and Junk

By clicking on the banner it will take you to the contest info. Apply now. We are no longer accepting applications, but you are welcome to watch or if you want contact the mod about judging.

The contest will be held at madxskills
And found pictures. Post any pictures you find. Idea from foundphotos

If you'd like to affliate, please email licorice_lace@livejournal.com. =========================================================== If you have any questions, concerns or you have a suggestion for a theme, or for the layout or whatever email licorice_lace at licorice_lace@livejournal.com or IM me at TadaItsJess
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting credit to irinafan for layout